This is a good example of reason to create a review. If he’s lying to her about his height, he’s probably lying to all the girls he tries to meet about it.


Long story short, I meet up with a guy earlier tonight from OKCupid for drinks.  He was a cute guy and seemed intelligent.  His profile said he was 6′ tall.  I’m 5’8 and I normally like a man to be taller than I am.  Just my preference.  But I liked this guy and we had a good conversation on the phone.

I showed up wearing 2 inch heeled sandals.  I was two inches taller than he was, which would make him 5’8.  We have some small talk.  Then I excuse myself and go to the bathroom to make sure.  There’s his profile with 6′.  I go back out and ask him how tall he was and he said 5’9.  I pulled out my phone with his profile and showed it to him.  He embarrassingly smiled.  Then I said are you really 5’9?  He embarrassingly smiled again.  5’8 he said.  

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  1. This is a very interesting idea. I actually just blogged about a guy I met on a dating site. He came right out with an indecent proposal, on his profile he says single and divorced 2 times. He actually admitted in an email to being married currently with his 3rd wife… so crazy huh??

    • Between my friend and I having done online dating and all the research we did for the site, we’ve come across a ton of people that do online dating that are married. There are specific sites for people that ant to cheat. Guys should just use those sites if they’re going to do that.

      You should create a review about him to prevent him from wasting other women’s time.

      • I thought about it… just not sure that I want to fully join. Not sure how much I would use it… I will think about it. It would be helpful if there was something to show how many reviews there were for your particular location so you know if it was worth the money to sign up or not. Would suck if you paid to sign up and then found out there were no reviews in your area. Just my 2 cents.

      • You can always search the person you may potentially meet to see if they have reviews before you join. We made it have a small fee because we figured if people had to pay, they would be less likely to create bogus reviews. We felt our price is pretty cheap. Even if you joined for a year and only used it a few times, think of the wasted time, effort, and money that goes into a date.

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