The Psychology Behind Creating A Review

I get the feeling that there’s an underlying stigma attached to Review My Online Date and it’s that it is for writing scathing reviews about your online date.  That’s not what it’s for.  Its’ main function is for sharing factual information about your date.  It also has ancillary functions, i.e. your date was rude or disrespectful after the date, or you didn’t even make it to a date because inappropriate behavior was being exhibited by the person contacting you.  For this post, I’m going to focus on the main function of the site.
Reviews should to be constructive in the information they deliver.  The three questions you answer about your date are basic for a reason.  So there is no judging.  The optional comment portion is if there is something you would like to add, like if the guy lied about his height.  (I’ll come back to this example.)  Crude, rude, or nasty reviews will not be tolerated or posted.  Reviews with any kind of identifying information will not be tolerated or posted.  The biggest gripe with online dating is the person didn’t look like their pictures.  All you have to do is answer the question that asks, “Was their photo accurate?”  You don’t have to write anything in the comment portion of the review.  Creators of the reviews are anonymous.  If a person is lying about something on his or her profile, or in person to you, you can bet that they’re doing it to every other person they are sending a message to.  They are not going to know where it came from.  
You know why people lie on their profiles and in person?  Because there isn’t anything or anyone  holding them accountable.  Of course the online liars and time wasters are going to keep doing it.  There aren’t any repercussions.   This site, in the nicest way possible, will hold people accountable.  The repercussion will be that they won’t get dates.  And eventually, they will either start being honest on their profile, or give up online dating.  The site will have done exactly what is was designed to do.
Now the following may alienate some of you.  I hope it doesn’t.  What I don’t understand is why someone wouldn’t want to do this to help their fellow online daters?  I’ve read the blogs, heard the stories, and been a victim myself.  You know how it feels to be let down.  Why wouldn’t you want to help prevent someone else from feeling that way?
I’m going to use guys that lie about their height as an example because it is a very common lie that is used.  And for the men, I know women lie about their body type.  But not as much as men lie about their height.  You show up to  for a date and the guy is shorter than his profile stated.  Even if you like the guy, he lied and I would think that would be a turn off.   As I mentioned earlier, if he lied to you, he’s lying to other women as well.  Wouldn’t you want to save the other women that a guy is lying to from wasting their time on a date?  It’s even more than the actual date. It’s everything that leads up to the date.  Emailing.  Texting.  Talking.  All you have to do is write in the comment portion of the review, “Was shorter than his profile said,”  or “He was a nice guy, but he was two to three inches shorter than his profile stated.”  It doesn’t have to be,”  This S.O.B was a foot shorter and he smelled like he used dung for deodorant.”   If you’ve had your time wasted by a height liar or have experienced any type of deception from an online date, wouldn’t you have liked to have been able to look the person up to see if they might have lied about it in the past to save yourself the time and effort it takes leading up to and actually meeting for the date?
I feel like a defense attorney but I think I’m making some valid points.  I understand that the concept of reviewing a person for this reason is new and might feel strange at first.  However, it needs to be done if legitimate online daters want to be able to meet other legitimate online daters.  We need to get the liars off these sites because they waste your time and take you away from what you’re actually on there to do.
So, is it the mental aspect of putting the review out there for other people to read the problem?  Give me the nitty gritty.  I’ve been using the blogging for feedback about the site and it has been very helpful.  I appreciate all the comments that have been made.

4 thoughts on “The Psychology Behind Creating A Review

    • Yes, use only their profile name and then the site that they are on. That’s other people would be able to search for the the person.

      Your input would be useful, even if you’re from Tiny Town USA:) You know who might find it useful, another gal from Tiny Town USA, or nearby there. Plus, you’ll be setting an example for other online daters. You’re one of the pioneers of creating of a review.

      I believe I sent you the link, yes? If you have any question on how to us the site, feel free to email me there or you may ask it in the Question Forum on the blog.

  1. Defense council, I think it is the mental side of things;) It’s just a new concept and once people start doing it, the idea will catch on. It’s like in Jaws when nobody wanted to go in the water. Then the mayor talked the grandparents to take their grandkids in. Once everyone saw them go in and that it was safe, everyone went in.

    FYI- The guy I created a review about either deleted his profile or turned it off. I don’t know if it was because of the review I made.

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