An App For Dic Pics

I figured that was an attention getter.  We’ll get to the app later.

Sending a dic pic or any type of vulgar message, whether it be in a first email or once someone has your phone number is completely unacceptable.  A person that sends that kind of message should have a review created about them.  Why?  For the same reason that someone should have a review created about them if they lie on their profile to be held accountable.

Sending those pictures or any other type of vulgar message has become too acceptable on dating sites.  Yes, you can block someone but creating a review adds a psychological element, that something is being done to combat that kind of behavior and that other people are going to find out about it.  Just like the guy that lies on his profile, the online dic pic sender is sending those messages to a ton of women.  Maybe he gets 20 or 30 reviews written about him doing that.  A repercussion would be if he sees and reads all those reviews.   He might say to himself, “Hey, maybe I shouldn’t be doing this.  What if I want to send a normal message and actually try to go on a date with a girl and she reads all these reviews about me?”

Accountability and repercussions.  Those two things can lead to changes on dating sites.  Will they completely alleviate the people that exhibit this online behavior?  Probably not.  But it will start to cut down on this kind of behavior.  And now for my dic pic app idea.

Guys love sending dic pics.  But sometimes, IT isn’t so photogenic.  IT has bumps on it.  IT is hairy.  IT is crooked.   You open your message or text and IT is like, “Hey there.  Look me at me because I’m looking at you.”  The Dic Pic App does away with all that nastiness.  It photoshops out what they don’t want on IT and also adds a nice background to the picture.  So when the lucky recipient of that IT opens up the message or text, he or she gets to view a clean IT set against a calming background to make him or her feel more comfortable about viewing IT.  The following is an example of how the app works.

The Dic Pic App


3 thoughts on “An App For Dic Pics

  1. This is hilarious! I also wondered when that became acceptable? I get wanting boob shots… atleast our breasts are beautiful. But I don’t recall hearing too many people talk about beautiful a penis is. 🙂

    • Great comment! That’s what the dic pic app is for, making that penis look more inviting;)

      Seriously, it’s a shame guys send them. It’s like I wrote in the post. There’s no repercussions for them when they do it. So why would they stop.

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