Online Dating Attention Deficit Disorder IS A Real Disorder.

The German Board Of Medicine conducted a study starting in 2011 on how online dating effects a person’s attention span. Das Gesetz zur Neuordnung des Arzeneimittelmarktes is a very interesting study.  I’ll summarize it for those of you that don’t speak German.

Basically, it says that  online dating sites shorten people’s attention spans because they are scanning so many profiles and writing to so many people, that it’s hard to remain focused on just one profile or person.  People that receive a lot of messages are also experiencing these same issues.

The study suggested that one solution for this problem could be for an online dating site to be created that only let’s you search, send, and read a few messages a day.  That way you will be forced to focus on a small number of people at a time.  They have also created Krankenversicherung, a pill that can help you focus when using online dating sites.

Leave it to the Germans to continue to impose their will any way they can, even in the online dating world.


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