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  1. DNB wrote:

    The rule that no names are to be used, offers some security here, but what if a username is linked to someone for various online accounts from youtube, to aim, to yahoo? I’m a bit smarter about my username choices in life, as I’m very aware of how influential an online reputation can be nowadays.. but some people might not be aware that their username entered into google can bring up a whole host of information. I googled one of my favorites and found my old photobucket, my youtube, hell.. even my sparkpeople page. Pictures came up including one of my ex-boyfriend.. what? Anyway I have some clean-up homework to do now haha

    I would be worried for instance if say a guy really liked me, and I’m just not that into it. What if he gets online and starts trash talking? Is there a solution for these types of discrepancies? I’m sure it has come up in conversation between you and your partner, and your IP attorney? I think it’s a valid discussion to have in a blog posting

    I think it’s a really fun idea– and I could see a lot of good coming of it… I could also see friends and I huddled over the computer in the event that we were to find a review of one of our dates– the drama!! It’s appealing And the website design– really nice graphics.


    With any type of new technology, there are going to be both positives and negatives. Not that this is new technology. But you know what I mean. We felt that a site like this would do more good than harm.

    This site is to be used to share simple information, not elaborate bashing stories. Should someone write a review that is of a bashing nature, it will not get posted and the creator will get an email telling them why and that they need to clean the review up if they want it posted. If they continue to try to post bashing reviews, they will be banned from the site. Also, you can only create one review per person with one follow up. So someone can’t write a bunch of reviews about one person. In the instance someone did write a false review about you and then another guy checked you out on RMOD, our thought was if he really wanted to go out with you, he would question the review to you and you would have a chance to defend yourself.

    I was a little unclear about your point regarding the username. Did you mean someone’s online date profile name or the username you choose on RMOD? If it is the latter, no one ever sees that name. Only you (the member of RMOD) will see it when you log in as a welcome greeting. Originally, a username wasn’t needed since you log in with your email and a password. But we decided add it because we have some other ideas for the site down the line where one would be needed. It made sense to have someone create one now.

    Thank you again DNB for your questions and let me know if you have any others:)

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