Tips For Writing Reviews

Tips For Writing Reviews

If you choose to write a review, address the person as “he” or “she” or by their profile name.  Do not include any personal information or use foul language in the review that would cause the review to not be posted.

Some examples of why you should write a review:  The person used fake pictures.  They lied about their age.  They lied about being married.  They didn’t show up for the date.  They harassed you by email or over the phone before you even made it to a date.  They found out they had reviews written about them on Review My Online Date.  So they deleted that profile and created another one and started pulling the same BS.

You are only able to write one review and one follow up review about a person.  The follow up review is if there was any correspondence after the initial review was written.  Maybe the person sent you nasty texts or left you abusive phone messages because you didn’t want to see them again.

Review creators are completely anonymous.  Your profile name from the dating site you’re on is never used.  If you don’t see the site you would like to search or create a review about in the drop down box, you can email our site administrator to add the site.


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