Why We’re Charging To Join And What We Won’t Do

Why We’re Charging To Join

When we first came up with the idea for the site, we thought about letting people use it for free.  But a good point was made during the design phase that if it’s free, what’s to stop someone from going on it and writing a bunch of false reviews?  So, to prevent that from happening, the decision was made to charge a small fee to use it.  We believe it will make people less likely to do that, since they will have to go through the process of joining the site and spending money on it.

What We Won’t Do

We know people have a lot of issues with the business practices of online dating sites. You won’t have those issues on our site.  There is no reccurring billing, so you will never be over charged.  Once your membership is up, that’s it.  If you want to rejoin, you’ll have to put your credit card info in again and sign back up.  (The site will recognize your email.  So you won’t create that part of it again.)  We aren’t going to put cookies on your computer, sell your personal information, or bombard your email inbox with emails.


2 thoughts on “Why We’re Charging To Join And What We Won’t Do

  1. Excellent concept! Paid subscriptions does attract serious clientele and keeps bitter daters to rant on their blogs.

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